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Container canvas cover

Container canvas cover

We inform with pleasure that in our offer (full availability since the beginning of March 2011) we have had a system of canvas covers / nets for hook containers.

Our solution will be a good alternative for recent nets and canvas covers available on the market used for protection of the load during the transportation of waste and garbage containers. After the assembly of our lid full service during loading and unloading of the container may be carried out from the ground without the need to climb the hook container.

While designing the system all suggestions of our Customers have been taken into consideration in respect of easy service, such an assembly of the canvas cover or the net which will prevent form accelerated wear and tear and obtaining a real protection of load during the transportation of a container.

All these requirements are fulfilled due to the application in the system of:

-        movable arms assembled on the upper profiles of a hook container in connection with the telescopic rod. It allows full opening/closing of the lid by an operator without the need to climb the container,

-        the appropriate system of stretching canvas cover /net on the container (stretching screws, steel line, expanders),

-        obtaining the appropriate stiffness of the canvas cover thanks to using a metal frame of movable arms,

-        appropriately big folds of canvas cover/net thanks to which we minimize the risk of improper cover of the container with a net /canvas cover even if the transported load sticks out over the level of the hook container.

The system of a container cover may be used both for our new and used containers. The assembly system is recommended for top loaded containers. In side-loaded containers (fork lift trucks) while loading more attention of an operator should be paid (the risk of damage to the canvas cover/net).

In order to place an order you are asked to download a form which will allow you to determine the required sizes of the containers.