Firm data

Steelcon Sp. z o.o.
District Court of Gdańsku
XVI Wydział Gospodarczy KRS Nr 0000228529
Company share capital 382 000,00 PLN


Standard conditions OF orders and delivery

1.       By placing an order a Customer states that accepts our “Standard conditions of orders and delivery”. Any changes to the content of order conditions or modifications of the Ordering Party will require in future our written confirmation.

2.       Conditions of orders may change if a Customer changes or modifies the ordered product. All documents attached to the order by the Ordering Party such as illustrations, details concerning weight and sizes or any technical documentations and samples of products and materials show only the guarantee of the quality if they are confirmed appropriately in writing.

3.       The confirmation of order by Steelcon as accepted for realization is final. Any changes made after that fact should be agreed in writing. We reserve the right to refusal to make free of charge changes if a particular production process will be implemented.

4.       Invoices are issued on the day of dispatch of goods to the Customer or readiness of the goods for dispatch. For Customers who order our products for the first time have the following payments conditions: the advance payment before the dispatch. In the next orders the periods of 7,14,21,30 days are respectively applied. Failure to comply with the payments schedule by the Customer will result in the necessity of the advance payment for the next orders. Till the moment of complete payment the goods will be the absolute ownership of Steelcon. Statutory interests pursuant to the applicable law will be added to outstanding amounts.

5.       If after placing an order by the Customer we will be aware of the change which occurred in his economical situation we reserve the right to shorten the period of payment, immediate payment or request of paying an advance payment for an order.

6.       Occurrences which may influence the period and manner of realization of an order and which are beyond the responsibility of Steelcon cannot be the basis for any claims. Such occurrences include: strikes, delays in transportation, disasters, weather obstacles and other unpredictable obstacles. In case of any above occurrences the Customer has the right to terminate the order with a two-week grace period. Cancelling an order is only possible in a written form.

7.       Goods are delivered to the Customer by our carrier and they are insured each time. In order to fully take advantage of the insurance it is required to check the state of the delivered goods in the presence of a courier at the moment of receipt. If any quantity or quality deficiencies will be found  it is necessary to prepare a protocol stating the damage. This protocol should be drawn up at the presence of a courier and signed by him. Without the aforementioned Steelcon will not be responsible for damage which occurred during transportation. Any deficiencies and faults of goods should be submitted in a written form to our Company within 3 days from the date of delivery.

8.       Each our Customer has the right to order transportation by his own courier. In such a case Steelcon will not be responsible for the quality of services provided by such firms.

9.       In case of faults covered by the guarantee the Customer is obliged to inform Steelcon about such a situation immediately after finding them. Such information should be in a written form and should be submitted to our Company within the period not longer than 7 days from the date of delivery of goods to the Customer. Any claims will be examined in the period not longer that 7 days from the moment of delivering the faulty goods to the seat of our Company. The cost of transportation to Steelcon will be borne by the Customer. If the claim turns out to be justified the costs of delivery will be given back and the faulty goods will be replaced for the goods free from faults. If it is impossible to replace the goods for the correct one we will refund the money for the faulty goods by bank transfer within 14 days.

10.   Goods delivered to the customers remain a full property of our Company until the total payment is made. If our products are used in creating the new goods and then resold by our Customer to his Recipient without payment of amount due for delivered elements then Steelcon has the right to proportional part of products of our Recipient up to the amount of share used and not paid elements of Steelcon production.

11.   All prices are given in net amount (without VAT) and are obligatory for the seat of Steelcon, Warblewo and they do not include costs of package and shipment.  The costs of delivering the goods to the Customer are on part of the Customer. Any additional costs connected with the shipment require the consent of our Company.


12.   Any disputes arouse as a result of business relations will be resolved by the Court appropriate for the seat of Steelcon. The basis for resolving disputes will be only the Polish law.