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Crank hoists

Crank  hoists


We have a pleasure to inform you that Steelcon has become, on the territory of the Republic of Poland, the only representative of HZE Eberswalde GmbH German production company producing crank hoists on the toothed bar. Hoists on the toothed bar of this company are of uncompromising quality and  competitive price.

Only materials of the best resistance parameters are used in the production which guarantees long and problem free usage of the crank hoist.


Below we present you crank hoists for various applications of parameters and properties corresponding to their tasks.

The crank hoist DIN 7355 (on the toothed bar)


The crank hoist in accordance with DIN 7355 by HZE is  the device of the best quality and resistance as far as  lifting and  lowering of different types of loads are concerned.

The self-locking crank (brake) protects against independent moving of load while working. The holder of the crank may be folded if it is needed  (for example during the transportation of hoist).

The anti-slip base  prevents the crank hoist from changing the place of location during work .

Application of the appropriate material for production of the toothed bar guarantees long and problem free usage.

The crank hoist (the ratchet jack) wall-hanging, for containers

The crank hoist on the toothed bar is the device most often used to open/close of heavy lids of containers.


It is also perfectly used in any work connected with lifting loads/ machines/ etc. where greater range of work is required.

Lifting of loads should be towards the vertical axis of a bar.

The action of transverse/ slanting  forces is not allowed.


The standard crank hoist for containers - on the toothed bar.

The standard crank hoist is our serial product which allows lifting/lowering, moving elements of machines or technical equipment.

It may be perfectly used as a lifting jack for heavy lids of containers.

Lifting of loads should be towards the vertical axis of a bar.

The action of transverse/ slanting  forces is not allowed.


The crank hoist for wall assembly with the installed gas servo-motor.

Thanks to using a special type of gas servo-motor lifting or lowering of the lifting jack under load does not require any effort. This type of jack is recommended for containers with very heavy lids.

These jacks are equipped with a safety crank which does not allow to open the lid automatically.

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