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Coated roller

Coated roller for hook containers

Coated roller

Since the beginning of April 2011 our offer has had coated rollers for steel roll-off containers (hook, rope and chain loading system). Everywhere where a standard steel roller cannot be used  in a container – too much noise while rolling, risk of damage to the surface on which the container stands – our product eliminates all such problems.


Our products are for those users who are unsatisfied with the quality and permanence which is offered by rollers  coated with rubber available in the market. In production of our rollers coated with elastomer we have paid attention to elimination of faults which occur in rollers of caoutchouc surfaces.


The application of damping layer on the roller of container, special type of elastomer allowed us to obtain considerably better physical and chemical parameters of the coating in comparison to rubber rollers. The table below presents comparison of the most important properties of those two coatings used on container rollers.


Property                                                            Unit       Rubber mixture                               Elastomer coating

Resistance at rupture while stretching Mpa      12,3                                       36

Elongation at rupture    %                                           310                                        480

Grindability        mm3                                                    150                                        40

The elastomer coating thanks to its properties allow a considerably longer time of work of a roller which results in considerably lower costs of possible service of a device.


The production technology allows to obtain colours of the roller coating in accordance with the request of the Ordering Party (RAL palette for bigger production batches)