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Steelcon Sp. z o.o.
District Court of Gdańsku
XVI Wydział Gospodarczy KRS Nr 0000228529
Company share capital 382 000,00 PLN


STEELCON sp. z o.o. - the producer of sub-assemblies and elements for steel waste containers.

About our company

Steelcon sp.z  o.o was founded in 1999. The seat of the Company is located at the address: Warblewo 24A, 76-200 Słupsk. Since the very beginning we have been specializing  in production of elements for  containers and waste containers intended to transportation and storage of such elements as: scrap, debris, rubbish and others.

The main Recipients of the offer of Steelcon are companies from Western Europe acting both in the field of production and wildly understood: transportation, recycling and waste processing. Every year we try to adjust the production to high requirements of domestic producers of steel containers. We try to be flexible while adjusting our offer to the Customers’ needs. We are able to implement the production of container elements according to the technical documentation of the Ordering Party. It allows our Recipients to concentrate on the main production of steel containers without the need to engage resources and funds in performance of minor parts for waste containers. Our preparation for this type of production gives us opportunities to offer products of high quality parameters and at attractive prices.

Our products are classified as follows:

Rollers for hook containers

Polyamide rollers for containers – different  sizes from our catalogue

Steel rollers for container – production standards133/159/168/219 mm in diameter, thickness of walls according to the order, lubrication in hubs or axles

Axles of rollers  -axles of rollers for containers: 30/40/50mm,

Bases of rollers – different sizes

Door and lid hinges for steel containers – forged or welded

Covers / lids for containers

Steel covers

Plastic covers

Complete doors for containers


Lid lock-up

Hook for door blockage



Central locks with forged levers

Locking shafts

Locking axles

Eccentric locks

Blockage bolts

Dump attachments  for containers with a gate loading system

Complete attachments, hooks

Hooks, ropes

Hooks for lifting containers

Attachments for lifting containers

Protection of attachments

Pins for lifting containers


Complete ladders

Reclining ladders

Steps of industrial safety ladders (also only rungs)

Quarter turn steps

Lifting jacks  and hoists

Standard lifting jacks

Worm jacks

Holders - ratchets

Hydraulic pumps for lids

One-sided and double-sided manual pumps

Hydraulic aggregates of one and double activity




In the production process we take into consideration any comments of our Customers trying to meet their expectations as far as the final product is concerned.

You are welcomed to cooperation with our Company!


STEELCON Sp. z o.o. – we are at your disposal ...